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Warranty All warranty repairs MUST have a copy of the Warranty Card and a Dated Proof of Purchase. Warranty does not apply if product has been damaged by accident or abuse (see warranty card).
Non-warranty Estimates will be mailed/emailed to you. No repairs will be done without your authorization.
For a faster repair time or part availability issue, FUJIFILM may replace your product with a Reconditioned Unit of Like External Condition (if available).

Send Product To: FUJIFILM Camera/Binocular Repair
1100 King Georges Post Rd
Edison, NJ 08837

Please DO NOT send batteries in with your camera/binocular.
We recommend that you do not send any accessory items unless requested by the Camera/Binocular Repair Dept.
FUJIFILM is not responsible for lost accessories.

Please ship your product via a carrier service with a means of tracking your package. Insure all shipments and please keep a record of the tracking number and product serial number in the event you must trace the package.
FUJIFILM will not assume responsibility for loss and/or damage during transit.

If you have any questions please contact FUJIFILM at 1-800-800-3854